Improve your Kid’s Attention Span with Toys, Books, Puzzles, and Board Games

Puzzles or Board Games: How to Keep Toddler's Attention

How attentive is your toddler? Whether you realize it or not you are probably the centre of their universe – at least until the TV turns on, or your phone rings.

Toys to Help Keep Your Toddler's Attention

As a parent, you already know how challenging it can be to keep your kid’s attention. Luckily, there are some ways to keep your kid focused and attentive. Check out six of these fantastic ways to improve your kid’s attention span:


1. There is a wide array of toys specially designed to spark your kid’s imagination and help him develop problem-solving skills. Abacus, for instance, is an excellent tool that not only improves concentration in kids by fine-tuning the motor neurons, but also makes learning maths fun.

2. Kids engage easily in play-based activities and activity toys. Few of the skills your toddler will gain from playing with an activity-based toy include creative thinking, logical reasoning, imagination, hand-eye coordination and problem solving. Check out a range of outdoor and activity toys from Mothercare.


3. Kids learn best when they initiate a mindful activity and are fully engaged in it. Puzzles and puzzle games put their imagination and logical thinking to test. Push your toddler in the right direction by engaging them in puzzle games that are educational yet fun.

4. Picture books make for great story time for kids of all ages. These books are designed for sensory development and to inspire a love of reading. Your kid will love poring over the pictures of Who’s on the Farm book and will certainly be captivated by its bright colours, interactive features and built-in squeakers.


5. Playing with toy cars, ride-on toys and push toys improves sensory perception, pretend play, hand-eye coordination, balanced mobility and, of course, gets your kids outdoors. Bring home a range of toy cars for your toddler from Mothercare.

6. Anytime is a great time to pull out a board game and settle down for a fun family round robin. Board games are a great tool to help kids focus better, and essentially teach kids how to play by the rules, to win and to accept defeat with grace.

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