Strollers for Babies, Toddlers and Bigger Kids

Every year, millions of parents are faced with the task of finding the right stroller for their babies. With so many options available to parents, choosing the right baby stroller may start to feel more like a weighty decision.


If you find yourself inundated with many different models of strollers, then use these guidelines or tips to help yourself out as you work towards finding a comfortable baby stroller for long walks with your baby in tow.

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1. Keep the Basics in Mind – Starting your stroller search with the basics in mind will help you identify the strollers that will best suit your needs as well as that of your baby’s. Consider your outdoor routines, your activities during the long walks, the amount of time you’ll spend outdoors, the kind of terrain you are taking your baby stroller on, and your baby’s needs during your long walks.

2. Wheel Type, Suspension and Brakes – Consider having front wheels that can swivel to steer and manoeuvre the stroller easily while walking. Also, ensure that all the wheels are air-filled, large, and rugged with a good suspension system to minimize bumps and obstacles for a smoother ride on all terrains.

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3. Height Adjustable Handlebar – Select a stroller with an adjustable handle that would suit anyone in the family that is pushing the stroller.

4. Multi-use with Multi-point Harness – A multi-point harness is a universal baby/child restraining safety belt that fits many different types of baby chairs and seats. Opt for a stroller that has a padded seat that is reversible with multiple recline positions and five-point harness system to keep your baby safe and secure while on a stroll.

5. Storage Space – The space within a stroller depends on your lifestyle and your baby’s needs. Ideally, look for stroller that has enough space for diapers, blankets, pillows and other baby essentials. As an add-on, you can attach a storage basket for more space.

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6. Sun Protection – Ensure that the stroller has a big adjustable canopy, umbrella, or rain covers that protects your baby from the sun, wind and rain.

7. Stroller Weight and Portability – If you are looking for convenience and compactness in a stroller, buy one that is a convertible or combination stroller. Not only will a convertible stroller help you move your baby around from place to place with the easy car-to-stroller transfer and compatibility, it will also act as a car seat that is lightweight, sturdy, and easily foldable for a smoother ride in the car.

8. Additional Features – Select a stroller that has features that make your baby feel safe and comfortable, yet is fashionable and stylish. There are strollers that can accommodate two children at the same time, come with an easy-to-grip, padded push handle to push the stroller while you hold your baby, extra storage compartment with cup holder, a stroller organizer, a universal buggy board for older children to ride along when they are too tired to walk etc.

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