pregnancy week 21

I may now be over the halfway point in my pregnancy, but I can promise that the best (and the trickiest) symptoms and events are yet to come in my pregnancy journey! At 21 weeks, my bump is now out there for the world to see, and I find that I feel a little off-balance.

week 21

I feel tired and a little lacking in confidence at this stage, but this is completely natural. I remind myself of the important little family member I’m carrying and growing inside of me! Here are the pregnancy symptoms in week 21:

  • I’m feeling a bit clumsy this week
  • Relaxing during pregnancy is good for my health and for the baby's health
  • I’m putting my feet up and taking it easy whenever I can

me at week 21

Aside from a few aches and pains, the pregnancy symptoms in week 21 aren't so bad. My body is producing more oil so I look in the mirror and see a few more spots than usual. The best way to tackle this is to switch to oil-free makeup and to have good facial cleansing twice a day. It's normal to feel a bit clumsy and inelegant at this point in my pregnancy. As my bump gets bigger and my centre of gravity shifts, I'll start to adjust.

my baby at week 21

This week my baby is gaining weight, for those oh-so-squidgable chubby cheeks new-borns have. The gentle fluttering from a few weeks ago is starting to be replaced by serious punches and baby kicks as my baby does its best Rocky impression. As well as growing bigger (and stronger) my little one has a few new features, too: this week they can open their eyes and blink! My baby's hearing is getting really good now, so if dad's feeling a bit left out, get him to chat to the bump for a bit of a bonding session.

things to do in week 21

As well as relaxing, putting my feet up and taking as much time for myself as possible, this week I should think about getting ready for the third trimester.