pregnancy week 25

My pregnancy belly may now be a great source of entertainment for me and an unexpected baby kick might make me jump. I'll be amazed at what my baby is getting up to, from having a play and a wriggle and then settling down for a little nap.

week 25

My baby will now be filling my bump. I even see my tummy ripple and undulate with my little one’s movements. Here are the pregnancy symptoms for week 25:

  • I’m looking boomingly lovely this week
  • I’m noticing my baby routinely sitting in the same manner
  • My baby is loving the sound of my voice when I talk and sing

me at week 25

The lovely pregnancy hormones will be making my skin plump and rosy. My hair becomes thicker and glossier now too. I’m starting to feel a little overheated or get swollen ankles. Keeping my feet elevated can help: I’m trying to drink plenty of water and grab a mini-fan to stay cool. If this is your first baby, you will have an antenatal appointment at 25 weeks. Your doctor will measure the size of your bump to check your baby's growth: at this stage the baby usually grows one or two centimetres a week. They will also take your blood pressure and test your urine for protein.

my baby at week 25

My little one is about 35cm long now and beginning to plump up with baby fat and resemble a new-born. Their brain is developing rapidly too. My baby is beginning to breathe in a regular way and develop proper swallowing reflexes. They may be able to open their nostrils and form a fist with their hand. They can open and close their eyes and the retinas are developing. Their spine is getting stronger and their spleen is busy making white blood cells ready to fight infection.

things to do in week 25

All I have to do is to take my maternity leave and claim statutory maternity pay from my chosen date. My husband also needs to tell his employer if they are planning to take paternity leave – they'll need a copy of the form too.