pregnancy week 33

I find my mind is working overtime and I have to keep getting up to go to the bathroom. It’s a good idea to rest during the day whenever I can, so I feel free to take a nap should I need one.

week 33

My baby might not be growing as rapidly now, but they are certainly busy making clever final preparations for the big moment of being born. Here are the pregnancy symptoms for week 33:

  • Stay hydrated, avoid puffiness and stretch marks by drinking plenty of fluids
  • My baby's head moves into my pelvis this week
  • Small frequent meals will now be easier to cope with

me at week 33

Wondering at 33 weeks pregnant what to expect? Well, I've got my appetite back, but I may find it a bit harder to eat because my baby is pressing against my tummy! Just think of all the lovely things I can feast on once my baby is born. I may still find it a little tricky to get comfy as my baby may wriggle just as I settle down.

my baby at week 33

My baby is now around 44cm long and weighs 3-4lbs. Although their bones are hardening, the skull is still quite pliable and the plates have not completely fused. This helps them ease out of the birth canal. My baby will also be able to suckle for feeds and my baby’s digestive system is fully prepared for milk once they're born.

things to do

I’m trying to stay as active as possible, even at this late stage. Swimming during my pregnancy is a great way to relax and get a bit of exercise, while being supported by the water and enjoying that novel feeling of weightlessness. Pregnancy symptoms at week 33 can include my feet and ankles becoming quite swollen. Water retention is often worse in warmer weather and late in the day. Drinking water can help reduce swelling.