pregnancy week 35

With my baby’s little limbs wriggling around busily, I’m definitely aware that there’s a small person in there. At 35 weeks pregnant I can expect to feel very big and possibly slower than usual – unlike my baby, who feels like they're sprinting around inside me!

week 35

As my baby seems to be taking up more and more room, there is a few simple things I can do to make myself feel a bit more comfortable during my 35th week of pregnancy.

  • Get plenty of rest – the sofa or bed!
  • Cut down on the many bathroom visits by avoiding tea and coffee
  • Spend time on all fours, breathing deeply – this helps with pains and indigestion

me at week 35

I feel I can’t possibly get any larger – and I’m right. Having already put on an average of around 10–12.5kg during my pregnancy, I’m unlikely to gain much more weight now. My uterus has expanded right up into my ribcage, and I can feel my baby’s little movements all over the place. I even see small fists and feet popping up against my tummy! Breathlessness and indigestion are perfectly normal pregnancy symptoms at week 35, however speak with your doctor if you feel a bit too uncomfortable.

my baby at week 35

My baby is now around 46cm from tip to toe and weighs 2.4kgs. Those sudden kicks under my ribcage are a sign that my little one is no longer so little, and is getting short of space. During the 35th week of the pregnancy as the wall of the uterus stretches, it lets in more light, which may lead to my baby developing a night-and-day cycle. My baby is busy getting the finishing touches ready for their arrival – they now have hair and cute little fingernails and toenails.

things to do

Speaking of toenails... I’m starting to find simple tasks such as painting my own toenails a bit tricky, take this as an opportunity for a pamper! I treat myself to a relaxing pedicure – a foot massage is really wonderful at this stage of my pregnancy. I also enjoy a relaxing bath with a few drops of lavender oil and a good book. I’m fit and healthy; swimming during pregnancy is great, it can make me feel fabulous, as the water supports my weight and helps me move about more freely than I can on dry land.