pregnancy week 31

I’m feeling even more tired now as I approach my due date, and getting some much needed rest can be trickier with my baby taking up all the space. Not long to go now though – maybe I’ll already attend the pregnancy classes to prepare me for the big day.

week 31

My little one may be rocked to sleep by my movement, but the moment I lay down to rest they wake up for a good wriggle! Here are the pregnancy symptoms in week 31:

  • I’m finding it harder to get comfortable
  • My baby’s wriggling keeps me awake
  • I’m attending antenatal classes

me at week 31

My bump is now around 31cm in size and my baby will be taking up most of the available space in my tummy, pushing everything else out of their way! This means I’m getting a bit of indigestion, heartburn or breathlessness. Eating two to three hours before I go to bed can help.

my baby at week 31

My baby may measure around 41cm long at this stage and weigh around 1.5kg – the same as a coconut.

Their arms, legs and body are in proportion to their head and they will continue to put on weight each week in a bit of a growth spurt.

things to do

Most antenatal classes start around now, about eight to ten weeks before my due date. That gives me plenty of time to determine what questions I might have, and enough time to get them answered.

They'll give me practical advice about delivering the baby and on life with a new-born, as well as some suggestions on handling the emotional changes. I'll get to ask experts some questions and meet mums-to-be who are due to give birth at about the same time. Some classes are only for pregnant women and others are open to partners.